Taapsee Pannu lands a heavy blow on Akshay Kumar: Watch

The Naam Shabana actress shows women how to defend themselves when confronted by a hooligan, with The Baby star willingly playing the villain.

Mayur Lookhar

She is among the few action stars among the ladies in Hindi cinema today. Trained in the martial arts, Taapsee Pannu has been taking her skills to the silver screen too, first with Baby (2015) and now with Naam Shabana.

Pannu raised the issue of women's security and objectification through her film Pink last year. Now, the feisty Pannu is using her skills to teach women how to defend themselves when confronted by a hooligan. Akshay Kumar, her Baby co-star, was more than happy to help her in this endeavour.

Pannu posted a video on Twitter, urging women to not depend upon anyone but to learn how to defend themselves. The actress minced no words when she said most women freeze when a man gropes them, and the lecherous men take advantage of this fear. She asked women to come out of this fear and empower themselves by learning basic self-defence techniques. In the ivideo, she then proceeds to show how to make the best use of one's elbows.

Akshay Kumar, himself trained in the martial arts, willingly agreed to be knocked down by Pannu in the self-defence demo. The elbow to the star's belly looks authentic.

It did not take long for this video to become a hit on Twitter, with the post getting 4.1k likes. Naam Shabana is set to be released on 31 March. Meanwhile, watch Pannu teach a basic form of self-defence.