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Ranveer Singh channels his inner Bob Marley in new ad

For the clothes brand's new campaign 'don't hold back', Singh is seen sporting dreadlocks.

Mayur Lookhar

When you are gifted with hair like Ranveer Singh, you have the freedom to try different hairdos. The Padmavati actor is a hit with the ad industry and his new look for a brand he is endorsing is quite shocking.

For the brand's new campaign 'don't hold back', Singh is seen sporting dreadlocks made famous by late reggae legend Bob Marley. The actor tweeted about his new look for the brand with the caption ‘there’s chaos in the offing’.

The dreadlocks and Gothic makeup make one take notice of Singh. You could be pardoned for not looking at his clothes, but the sheer intensity sends shivers down your spine. It's not clear, but Singh is perhaps holding a baseball bat in his hand. What really is Singh up to in this picture? We’d perhaps get an idea, if and when the makers reveal more in say, a TV commercial. 

Singh is known to experiment with his looks, especially in commercials. Singh famously donned the war bonnet (traditional headgear of native red Indians) for a noodle brand's ad film that was directed by Rohit Shetty. Similarly, he played a goofy Gujarati, one who had no hesitation in flaunting his paunch while endorsing a travel portal.