Hollywood paparazzi mistakes Deepika Padukone for Priyanka Chopra, again

This is not the first time that the Hollywood press has called Padukone by Chopra's name.

Suparna Thombare

When Deepika Padukone recently landed at the LAX airport in Los Angeles, the Hollywood paparazzi was present outside. The actress had flown down from India to attend the pre-Oscar bash and the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party.

As Padukone arrived at the airport, a photographer exclaimed "Its Priyanka Chopra!". Even as she headed out of the gates, the photographers kept following her, calling her Priyanka all the while. Padukone kept a straight face throughout, did not speak a word and headed straight for the car. One of the cameramen express a faint doubt saying, "Is it Priyanka?" But they keep going.

Anyone in place of Padukone would be upset at not being recognised and being called by someone else's name repeatedly, especially when you are constantly being compared to that person anyway.

Wonder why Padukone didn't laugh about it and correct the journalists by telling them she wasn't Chopra?

Chopra is known to be chatty with the paparazzi and posing for pictures even when she is caught off-guard, so Padukone's response was very different from Chopra's personality, and the photographers should have caught the difference.

This is not the first time this has happened, though. Earlier this year, when Padukone landed at the LA airport, the paparazzi spoke to her thinking she is Chopra and that Youtube video called her 'Priyanka Chopra' in their title and description. After several comments from Padukone's fans, the title was changed but the 'Chopra' remained in the description.

A couple of magazine reports around the time of xXx: Return Of Xander Cage's release also called her Chopra.

While it may be flattering for Chopra that the only brown female star the Hollywood paparazzi knows is her, it is also not fair to the star that after all those amazing red carpet appearances, they still can't distinguish her face from Padukone's.

This phenomenon of mistaking one brown person for another is not new. Many actors have previously been at the receiving end of this ignorance. Unluckily for Padukone, Chopra is a brown actress who is quite famous in the US already. 

Back in 2015, Chopra had told off a Twitter user for thinking the Quantico star looked like a brown British artiste. 

Good on her for saying this and she could probably give a few lessons in "all brown people don't look the same" to the Hollywood press as well.  

While it is insulting for Padukone to be called by Chopra's name repeatedly, it is even worse that she keeps mum about it.

This has been happening to male brown stars for a while now. Indian American actors Kunal Nayyar, Kal Penn and Aziz Ansari, who are often confused for each other, even did a satirical comedy sketch to make the point that they don't look alike.

Most recently, Burberry posted a tweet about Dev Patel winning BAFTA for Lion but used a picture of Night Of actor Riz Ahmed by mistake. Both are British actors of South Asian origin. 

Here is another video of Padukone being called 'Priyanka' at the airport.


And here is an airport video of the real Priyanka Chopra.