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Malayalam movie denied certificate for ‘glorifying’ gay relationships, other issues

The review committee also feels the film portrays Hindu religion in a 'derogatory' manner. 

Our Correspondent

The Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) has denied certification to a Malayalam film, Ka Bodyscapes as it ‘glorifies’ homosexuality. The order from the board further said, “The film portrays Hindu religion in a derogatory manner, a female Muslim character is seen masturbating and its characters use abusive language.”

Directed by Jayan Cherian, the film stars Adhithi, Tinto Arayani and Arundhathi. The film centres around a gay painter, a kabaddi player and their friend and how they struggle to lead a happy life in a conservative society. 

The director shared the CBFC order on his Facebook post along with a caption, “It is official, Mr.Pahalaj Nihalni put the final nail in my coffin!” Talking to a publication, he said, “I haven’t decided what to do. Let me talk to my lawyers and take a decision.” (sic)

In an earlier post, he revealed that they had submitted the film for certification in March 2016 and has since then gone through various committees and court orders. 

CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani watch the film last month along with a review committee as per the order of the Kerala high court. The committee sent the order yesterday refusing certification. 

The entire court order reads, “The second revising committee unanimously recommended ‘Refusal’ of certificate of the film. They felt that the film is glorifying the subject of gay and homosexual relationship, nudity accentuating vital parts of male body (in paintings) in closed shots in the whole movie. The film is explicit of scene offending human sensibilities depicting vulgarity and obscenity through the movie.” (sic)

The portrayal of Hindu religion and ‘religious’ organisations also irked them. “The religion of Hindu is portrayed in a derogatory manner especially Lord Hanuman (shown in poor light as gay) which may cause law and order problem in society. The film contains posters depicting homosexuality throughout the movie and derogatory remarks against women. The film has references to Hindu organisations indirectly which is unwarranted,” the report further stated.