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When Anu Malik explained Begum Jaan song to Asha Bhosle from ICU

The music director did not let his ill health affect preparations for the vital 'Prem Mein Tohre' song.

Mayur Lookhar

An actor hurting himself/herself and going on to resume shooting. Journalists have often been peppered with such press notes, though most such instances are rejected as they are too good to be true. However, when a man works from the intensive care unit (ICU) of a hospital, you perhaps ought to take notice of his effort. Anu Malik is said to have done precisely that while working on the music of Begum Jaan.

The film's makers earlier released the song, 'Prem Mein Tohre', which was largely appreciated. The song came as a breath of fresh air as seasoned composer Anu Malik returned to form with a melodious romantic number. The making of the song was released today and what strikes you the most is the fact that Malik explained the song to the legendary Asha Bhosle from the ICU of a hospital, according to director Srijit Mukherji.

Malik underwent a pancreatic surgery last year. (We wonder whether Lilavati Hospital at Mumbai's Bandra Reclamation would permit anyone to play the harmonium in the ICU, but maybe a VIP patient enjoys certain privileges? Nevertheless, we can’t take anything away from Malik's effort on the song.

"I remember Anuji was very sick," Mukherji said. "He had taken ill. He went to the ICU.  In the ICU, you do have restrictions of what to bring in as it could have infection. This man got his harmonium to the ICU, and in that state sang and explained the number to Ashaji.... To give that much to the song, the album, is something I’ll eternally remain indebted to Anuji and, of course, Ashaji for."

Vidya Balan, who plays the titular role of Begum Jaan, was overjoyed at being a part of an Asha Bhosle number for the first time in her career. "Through that song you see the lives of these eleven women," Vidya said. "It is such a beautiful song, beautifully written, beautifully sung and composed. Finally,  after being an actor for 11 years, I have had the privilege of lip-synching to a song sung by Asha Bhosleji."

Begum Jaan is scheduled to be released on 14 April. Meanwhile, watch the making of the 'Prem Mein Tohre' song below: