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Karan Johar takes his twins home

Filmmaker spotted with his kids, Yash and Roohi, who were born through surrogacy.

Mayur Lookhar

After keeping it secret for a long time, on on 5 March, Karan Johar announced to the world that he had become father to twins Yash (boy) and Roohi (girl) who were born through surrogacy.   

Earlier today, the filmmaker-producer was spotted taking his kids home from Surya Hospital in Mumbai. Roohi and Yash were born on 7 February. Johar took nearly a month to make the big announcement since the children were in NICU. Johar has said in a post that the babies were born two months premature and were worryingly underweight. Johar obviously wanted to be sure that the babies were doing fine before making an announcement to the world.

IANS quoted a source as saying, “The children were admitted on 7 February. They were born premature at 30 weeks. They are now 37 weeks old. Today was the 50th day of their admission to the hospital."

A couple of days ago Johar had thanked his doctor for taking care of his babies.

Johar also penned a long letter thanking the hospital and its authorities. Johar had urged couples to not be disheartened if their babies were born premature.