Cuckoo star Malavika Nair signs her second Tamil film

The actress, who was praised for her performance in the critically acclaimed Cuckoo (2014), has signed her next film in Tamil.

Manigandan KR

After delivering a fantastic performance as the blind girl in Cuckoo (2014) , Malavika Nair now has a new project. The actress has reportedly signed another film in Tamil. She will be playing the female lead in Arasiyala Idhellam Saadharanamappa. Veera Bahu of Rajathandhiram (2015) fame will play the male lead in the film to be directed by newcomer Avinash Hariharan.

Sources suggest that the film, Arasiyala Idhellam Saadharanamappa, better known in trade circles as AIS, will be an out-and-out comedy.

Nair, despite garnering attention for her splendid performance in Cuckoo, had chosen not to sign any other Tamil project for a while. AIS will be her second film in the language. She has already made a name for herself in the Telugu film industry with films like Yevade Subramanyam (2015) and Kalyana Vaibhogame (2016).

AIS is to be produced by distributor Mahesh Govindaraaj of Auraa Cinemas. The songs and background score for the film are to be composed by Madley Blues.

“Our script needed a performance-oriented artiste who could do justice to her role, and the first name that came to our minds was that of Malavika Nair," director Avinash Hariharan said when asked how the actress came on board the project. "As soon as she heard the script, she agreed to be a part of AIS."

The unit began shooting for the film at Pondicherry on Monday. Nair is to shoot with the team for four days. She will rejoin the team in the month of April.