No Hollywood project for Deepika Padukone despite a ‘godfather’ in Vin Diesel 

There were earlier reports that the Bajirao Mastani actress is been offered quite a few Hollywood scripts. 

Our Correspondent

Deepika Padukone got a big break in Hollywood with Vin Diesel in xXx: Return Of Xander Cage, which released earlier this year. However, the film didn’t do well either in India or the US. There were reports that the actress has been getting a few more offers from the west. 

However, Padukone herself has revealed that there are no developments in her Hollywood career after xXx. Speaking to a publication recently, she said, “No nothing happening in Hollywood as yet. Would let you know for sure (sic).” 

However, she added, “But yes, a lot of films coming my way and I’m happy.” Now, one doesn’t know whether the films that are being offered right now to her are Hollywood or Hindi. It will be a letdown for her fans if they are not Hollywood films. 

This is because there were reports earlier that Diesel had become her 'godfather' in Hollywood and is even helping her choose films. In fact, reports stated that he is going through every script that has been offered to Padukone.

On the other hand, her fellow actress Priyanka Chopra is yet to make her Hollywood debut with Baywatch releasing next month. It will be interesting to see how Chopra's overseas film debut fares. The actress already has a following in the west due to her hit TV series, Quantico.