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Today films are not just about song and dance: Madhuri Dixit 

Speaking on the concluding day of the FICCI FRAMES event in Mumbai, Madhuri Dixit said that 'the industry is moving in the right direction'.

Shriram Iyengar

Madhuri Dixit Nene might have vanished from the big screen of Hindi cinema, but she is keeping a close eye on it. At the panel discussion on FICCI Frames 2017 on Thursday, the actress expressed optimism at the developments in the film industry. She said, "Today, films are being made on time and everyone has become punctual. There is discipline. Also, different kinds (concept) of films are being made and are doing well. It is not just about song and dance, they have started focusing on the story too. " 


Getting ready to speak at Ficci Frames!

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Madhuri Dixit, who was at the event with her husband, Dr Sriram Nene, spoke about her life, online dance academy, and motherhood at the panel discussion. Talking about the rise of women-centric roles, she said, "Change doesn't happen overnight. I see more roles are being written with actresses in mind. Today women are not just a mother, they take care of the home, kids and everything and people are taking cognizance of this."

The actress added that the rise of women producers has directed this change to some extent. She said, "Today women (actress) are coming in the forefront and producing films which is wonderful. You get a bound script, you are aware about your role, your look and actors just have to focus on their performance. The industry is moving in the right direction." 

The actress, who rose from a non-filmy background to become one of the leading divas, added her bit to the growing nepotism debate. She admitted that it 'is a little difficult for an outsider' to enter the industry, however, she refused that star kids have it easy. She said, "It is a little difficult to be an outsider... to come into the industry and make a name for yourself. But I think even for the star kids, it’s hard because they are under scrutiny all the time," 

The three day FICCI Frames 2017 concluded on Thursday in Mumbai.