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Dhanush deserves every bit of the success he has got : Prasanna

Actor Prasanna admitted that he was envious of  Dhanush's recent success, but said the debutante director 'deserves every bit' of the praise coming his way. 

Manigandan KR

Actor Prasanna said that actor turned director, Dhanush, deserves every bit of the success that he has achieved. Prasanna plays the son of Rajkiran's character in Dhanush's directorial debut, Power Paandi.

Speaking at the press interaction for the film on Wednesday, Prasanna said, "Generally, when you watch Dhanush from a distance, no matter what victories he scores or heights he reaches, one generally finds it difficult to accept it. None will admit this but I wish to speak about it. That is because deep down, one experiences a small amount of jealousy and anger."

Turning to Dhanush, Prasanna said, " Honestly, Dhanush, that was how I felt. The others won't admit it, but I wish to say it." Power Paandi is the first time Prasanna and Dhanush have come together in a film. 

The actor admitted that he was hesitant when the director first approached him for the role. He said, "When Dhanush first offered to narrate the script to me, I told my wife Sneha, 'Dhanush is directing some film it seems. He is calling me, should I go?' I had so much ego then. My wife glared at me and then said, 'Go, listen to the story first. Then, make a decision.' But right from the first minute of the script narration to the time he finished narrating the story, I was blown away. After that, I was observing him while he was working on the film and I say that he deserves every bit of the success he has got." 

Prasanna added,"Actually, I could have told this to him while we were spending some time at his house after the first schedule. But I was waiting for this moment.I wanted to make this point at an audio launch or a press meet. With him as a director, I felt happy to work. He paid attention to even the minutest of details. For instance, he would have told me a 1000 times not to contract my eyebrows everytime I had to frown. He would tell me, 'You are a good son to this father. Not a bad son. You are only angry with your dad; you are not filled with rage. So, don't contract your eyebrows."

Power Paandi is directed by Dhanush, and stars Prasanna, Rajkiran, Madonna Sebastien, Revathi, and Chaya Singh in lead roles. The film is scheduled for a theatrical release on 14 April.