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Power Paandi is a wholehearted tribute to my dad: Actor Prasanna

The actor made an emotional statement at a press conference organised by the team of Dhanush's film, Power Paandi, on Wednesday.

Manigandan KR

The first trailer of Dhanush's Power Paandi has just been released. The film, which has one of Tamil  cinema's finest actors, Rajkiran, in the lead after a long time has been in the news from the day it was announced. One of the reasons for the excitement is that it marks Dhanush's directorial debut.

Speaking on the occasion of the trailer launch, actor Prasanna said, "As soon as I heard this script, the first person who came to my mind was my dad. I do not know how Dhanush knew, but whatever has happened in my life between my dad and me were all kept as scenes in this film. I was able to connect with the story the moment I heard it. Not just me, I think the relationship between most dads and sons in our place is like this. Rajkiran sir plays my father in this film. I so badly wanted to talk to him but did not as I wanted to be like how I would be with my real dad. I did that as I thought that would help the film shape up well.

"In real life, I wouldn't talk too much with my dad, for if we spoke to each other for more than two minutes, there would be a fight. What he said would be good, but it would be unsuitable for me. Or what I said would have been unsuitable for him," the actor said.

In an emotional speech, Prasanna added, "I would really like to thank Dhanush for casting me in this character because I wish to offer this film as a tribute to my dad. I have always wanted to speak about a lot of things to my dad. But whenever I sat down to speak, words wouldn't come. 

"I would think how great it would be if my dad could put his arm on my shoulder and talk to me. But he couldn't do that. So I think this film is my wholehearted tribute to my dad," the visibly moved actor said.

Power Paandi is directed by Dhanush and stars Prasanna, Rajkiran, Revathi, Madonna Sebastien and Chaya Singh in pivotal roles. The film is scheduled for a theatrical release on 14 April.