Will Priyanka Chopra star with French actor Kev Adams in Vikas Bahl’s Indo-French project?

Kev told a French website that he will be working with the Quantico star in his future project.

Suparna Thombare

In December 2016, Vikas Bahl had announced his forthcoming Indo-French project, to be jointly produced by Phantom Films and Reliance Entertainment, at a press conference. French star Kev Adams was announced as the male lead of the film, titled The Interpreter, and the hunt for a big female Hindi film star was on. 

Now, Adams, in a promotional video interview for his upcoming film Gangsterdam, has spoken about the project and has mentioned that he will work with Chopra on a project produced by Reliance Entertainment. Yesterday, the French website quoted the actor as saying, "(I will start shooting) at the end of the year with director Vikas Bahl and with Priyanka Chopra in the main role."

Does this mean that Chopra has given her nod to the film, for which the shooting begins towards the end of the year?

Adams had spent three weeks in Mumbai in December, discussing the project with the Queen director. At the time, there were also reports that Chopra had met Bahl, among other directors, during her visit to India in December. The script was still being worked on at the time. Looks like things have progressed since then.

There has been great anticipation about Chopra's future projects after she achieved fame in the US, but the actress hasn't made any announcements on that front yet. Her TV show Quantico's season 2 will come to an end in May and her Hollywood film Baywatch will be released on 26 May.

There has been no official announcement from Bahl or Phantom or Reliance Entertainment about the casting of the female lead for this film either. The film is said to be a romance between two young people who do not speak the same language and will use an interpreter to understand each other.

"It's truly a collaboration... coming together whether it's the writing or the actors, production. It is not just about going to another country, getting funds from there and shooting. Usually, there are part collaborations which happen but this will be a pure collaboration," Bahl had told the media in December. 

Talking about the subject of the film, he said, "It is about two families, cultures meeting and how they deal with each other. But primarily it's about the language. It is the language which enables and disables you at the same time. It's much more based on that."

Adams is a popular French comedian, TV and film actor, screenwriter and producer. And if Chopra does come on board, with her popularity in Hollywood and India, The Interpreter could turn out be a truly global project. Also, Chopra is not completely unknown to France, thanks to her TV show Quantico (French dubbed version), which has been liked there. The actress had also visited Paris for Quantico promotions last year.

Watch Adams talk about the project.