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Medical report claims mole was removed from Dhanush's body: Lawyer

The lawyer also said that the doctors had submitted that as claimed by a Melur couple, there was no scar on Dhanush's right shoulder.

Manigandan KR

The lawyer of the couple claiming actor Dhanush to be their son has claimed that the medical report submitted by doctors who had examined the actor for his birthmarks, has cited that a mole from the actor's body was removed using laser treatment.

It all began with Kathiresan and Meenatchi of Melur in Madurai district filing a petition in the Melur court claiming that Dhanush was their son. They had prayed to the court, asking it to direct Dhanush to pay a monthly maintenance of Rs65,000 to them as they were now aged.

However, Dhanush and his parents filed a counter petition, claiming that there was no truth in the claims made by Kathiresan and Meenatchi and that therefore, the petition must be dismissed.

The Melur couple, in response, filed a reply saying that they had enough evidence to prove their claim of Dhanush being their son.

After listening to both sides, the court ordered both sides to file Dhanush's original school Transfer Certificate. Both sides produced Dhanush's Transfer Certificate as ordered. However, in the TC submitted by Dhanush, there were no identification marks listed. Therefore, the court ordered Dhanush to present himself before it. Dhanush, too, presented himself before the court on 28 February and was subjected to an examination by a team of doctors, who checked for birthmarks.

The case came up for hearing yesterday and the doctors' report was filed before the court then. The judge, after examining facts, posted the case for further hearing on 27 March. 

After the hearing, Titus, the lawyer of the Melur couple, spoke to the media.  He said that the judge had heard the case in his private chambers and that the report of the doctors who examined Dhanush for his birthmarks was submitted to the court.

The lawyer claimed that in their report, the doctors had said that they looked for birthmarks as claimed and whether birthmarks had been erased. They had also said that they had also looked at the possibility of whether it was possible to hide some birthmarks.

The doctors, he said, had submitted that as claimed by the Melur couple, there was no scar on Dhanush's right shoulder. The doctors, in their report, had, among other things, said a small mole had been removed from the actor's body using laser treatment.