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Deewar continues: Nirupa Roy's sons in dispute over mother's room

The sons are involved in a property dispute over the sprawling Nepean Sea Road bungalow of the late actress.

Shriram Iyengar

In a life imitates art scenario, the sons of late actress Nirupa Roy are involved in a vicious battle over the posession over the bedroom of her Nepean Sea Road apartment. Both sons are locked in a bitter fight over the posession of the late actress' bedroom in particular, saying that it had 'sentiments' attached to them. 

Kiran, 45, and Yogesh, 57, are both seeking to take over the 3000 square feet house at Embassy Apartments in Mumbai. The plush house also has an 8000 square feet lawn attached to it, making it prime property worth close to Rs100 crore. The fight over property landed the two in court after the death of the actress' husband, Kamal Roy, in 2015.

It was Kiran who moved the court accusing his elder brother of 'threatening and intimidating' him in order to gain control of the house. The petition filed through Zulfiquar Memon says that Nirupa Roy had left Kiran the rights to all her properties, and even Kamal Roy had named the younger son as the sole owner of the house. However, three months ago, a Civil Court turned down Kiran's request to bar his brother from staying in the house.

Reports quoted Kiran saying, "I stayed with my parents during their last days, when they were tortured by Yogesh and his wife. In my father's will, which was executed in December 2004, he made me the sole owner of the Nepean Sea Road flat, but allowed my brother and his family to reside there on the condition that they never enter my parents' bedroom."

For now, both sons occupy one room each of the house, while having equal rights to the common areas like hall, kitchen and the garden. However, both sons are seeking ownership of the bedroom belonging to the actress, citing sentiments. 

A well known actress, Nirupa Roy was most famous for her role as mother in several iconic Hindi films. Some of her best roles playing mother were in Deewaar (1975), Amar Akbar Anthony (1977) and Suhaag (1979). This incident seems like a real life recreation of the scene from Deewaar when both sons are fighting for their mother's affection. 

Life imitates art imitates life, they say.