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Hold elections immediately in Tamil Nadu, says Kamal Haasan

The veteran actor said continuing with an AIADMK government without the late J Jayalalithaa was like forcing a marriage upon the people of the state.

Our Correspondent

Veteran actor Kamal Haasan has voiced the opinion that elections must be held in Tamil Nadu.

In an interview to a Tamil television channel, Kamal Haasan spoke on a number of issues, including the political developments that have taken place in the state after the death of chief minister J Jayalalithaa.

Replying to a question on the issue, Kamal Haasan said he could not accept that a party would continue to be in power for another four years even when people were not for it, just because the law permitted it.

The actor said, “For instance, when people go watch a film and say it is bad, it is bad. This is irrespective of how much effort I have put into making it. If nobody comes to watch it and they say they don’t like it, I must only move on and begin making my next film. I cannot stand and fight with them and compel them to watch that film. Is that not so? This will apply to all fields. You can’t have these laws and tell us, ‘Bear this rule for another four years.' Telling so gives me the impression that in a way, this looks like a forced marriage.”

Kamal Haasan made no bones of the fact that he held the view that the people had voted for the party as it had a particular leader then and in the absence of that leader, fresh elections must be called for to know the will of the people.

“The people voted for the party for a different person. The god they prayed to is a different one from the god that they now find in the sanctum sanctorum,” he remarked.

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