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Leaked! Swara Bhaskar's sexual abuse scenes from Anaarkali Of Aarah

The scenes have the potential of irking the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) members.

Keyur Seta

Some bold scenes from debutant director Avinash Das’ upcoming movie, Anaarkali Of Aarah, have been leaked on the internet. The three leaked scenes feature lead actress Swara Bhaskar.

The first scene has actor Pankaj Tripathi groping the actress. The second one is about a stage show where Sanjay Mishra’s character tries stripping and molesting the lead actress on stage. The last one shows a bareback Bhaskar. She is seen getting intimate with someone when cops suddenly enter the room.

The film tells the story of a singer, who performs songs laden with sexual innuendo, at parties in Delhi. The film also offers a gritty take on the abuse faced by these women in trying circumstances.

The scenes are edited in a haphazard manner. However, they offer an insight into the perspective of the film, and the nature of the abuse suffered by Bhaskar's character. From being manhandled by a local politician and goon to being denied any privacy by the police, the scenes are a critical statement on the secondary status of women in the country.

In an interview, Bhaskar had mentioned how her character views her work as art, but like many women across the country is 'vulnerable in a volatile and violent world that sees women like her as mere objects.'

Going by the content of the scenes, they are sure to irk the ‘sanskari’ Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) members. The scenes have been leaked by the ID belonging to Monisha Sarabai. The board has already taken objections to Lipstick Under My Burkha for similar content, accusing them of being 'lady-oriented'.

So far there hasn’t been any reaction on the scenes by the makers or anyone connected with the film. 

The first trailer of Anaarkali Of Aarah was released last week and it managed to grab eyeballs in a positive way.

The film is directed by Avinash Das, and is all set to release on 24 March. 

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