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Jab Harry Met Sejal mini trail 4: So, what does Sejal mean?

Director Imtiaz Ali forces you to dig for the meaning of the name Sejal, but the teaser is not quite entertaining or impressive.

Mayur Lookhar

A trailer or teaser does not quite decide the fate of the film, but it does help create a buzz around it. Unfortunately, one is not sure what the different 'mini trails' of Jab Harry Met Sejal have achieved. The makers today released the fourth such teaser and, in all honestly, there is no takeaway from it save for wondering what Anushka Sharma’s character name 'Sejal' means.

Now that query did set us wondering and, in the era of Google, it didn't take long to find out that Sejal means free-flowing water or river. Thank you, Imtiaz Ali, for getting us to find out the meaning, but what else does one really take away from this teaser? Like Harry (Shah Rukh Khan), how many would be interested in knowing the meaning? Sharma drops a big hint with her hand movements, but there is no flow in this teaser. It is boring.

If a film breaks down its trailers into parts, ideally you would expect the director to save the best for the penultimate and the final parts. Sadly, barring the first teaser (in which Harry confessed to being a loser), none of the subsequent teasers have been entertaining.

Hopefully, the final teaser will not disappoint us. For now, watch the fourth 'mini trail' here:

Jab Harry Met Sejal is scheduled to be released on 4 August.