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Watch: Shah Rukh Khan loses cool over prank involving Komodo dragon

Whether a scripted prank or not, Arabic show Ramez Underground video is truly hilarious.

Mayur Lookhar

Shah Rukh Khan is usually the one to play pranks on others, but when the tables are turned, how does the superstar react?

Well, a video has surfaced of an Arabic show, Ramez Underground, airing on MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center), which has Khan with a young woman in a pit with a large Komodo dragon approaching them. Disguised as the reptile is the show’s host Ramez Galal.

Khan and the anonymous woman are stuck in a sinking pit as the beast approaches. While the woman kept screaming, Khan tried to shoo the Komodo dragon away by flinging mud at it. Soon it was revealed that the reptile was a fake. But Khan wasn’t amused and lost his cool, lashing out at the host.

"This is nonsense," the superstar declaimed. "You got me all the way from India to do this shit? Get the hell out of here!" The host’s apologies failed to cut any ice with the actor who continued to berate him.

Now we can’t say with certainty whether Khan was really agitated or he was hand-in-glove with MBC Bollywood. But the video makes for interesting viewing. Enjoy.