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Jagga Jasoos theatrical trailer: Murdered or missing? What happened to Jagga's father?

A comical, fun-filled and emotional trailer of Jagga Jasoos spells out its story clearly.

Mayur Lookhar

Disney India had earlier released the trailer of Jagga Jasoos. Though widely appreciated, that trailer didn't have dialogues. The makers today released a new trailer, describing it as the official trailer. The dialogues are in song, and all characters are expected to sing. He stammers while talking, but Jagga (Ranbir Kapoor) sings his way to communicate.

What comes out clearly from the trailer is that Jagga Jasoos is a story about a son looking for his father Professor Baghchi. Is he dead? Did he die in an accident? Or was he murdered? These questions are raised in the theatrical trailer.

The trailer can just be broken into two halves. The visuals in the first few minute describe Jagga. He stammers, but is blessed with an inquisitive brain and vision.  

Baghichey main phool kuch der se khilte hain, mere words bhi so so ke niklate hain (stammers) isiliye gaa gaake bolta hoon' (Like some late blooming flowers, my words too take time to come out). These words aptly describe the plight of Jagga.   

You’re left intrigued by the visuals of Kapoor jumping off a giant wheel, a tower and yet we don’t see him a break a bone. This is just a trailer, but Kapoor has dropped ample hints that this is going to be a special performance from a truly gifted actor.

At the half way mark of the three-minute trailer, Jagga Jasoos reveals its plot — Jagga looking for his father. Perhaps, Saurabh Shukla’s character is the villain of this story.

Director Anurag Basu gives very little away about Katrina Kaif’s character. She perhaps is not only helping Jagga get rid of his speech problems, but also gets dragged into his quest. Much of the action packed visuals have been seen in the earlier trailer and songs.

Anxiety, ecstasy, madness and sadness — the trailer fills you with various emotions. It is both comical, as well as lyrical. Jagga Jasoos promises to be one helluva joyride. The film is set to be released on 14 July.

Watch the fun-filled trailer below: