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Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo from Salman Khan’s Tubelight gets leaked

A pirated clip of Shah Rukh Khan's cameo in the Kabir Khan film has gone viral. 

Keyur Seta

A pirated video clip of Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo in Salman Khan-starrer Tubelight, which was released in theatres yesterday, was leaked on the internet last night. It’s an over-four-minute clip that shows the actor in the role of a magician. The footage was recorded and uploaded on the video-sharing website YouTube by a member of the audience. 

It’s a scene in which Shah Rukh’s character motivates Salman's character, urging him to have faith in himself. The scene features the famous dialogue of the movie, ‘Kya tumhe yakeen hai [Do you believe]?’

The scene starts off with Shah Rukh asking someone from the audience to join him on stage for a magic trick. He chooses Laxman Singh Bisht aka Tubelight, who is frightened to go on stage. He is encouraged by a group of people, which includes actor Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub. He wants Salman to be humiliated so that he can have fun mocking him. The clip ends abruptly when Salman is still trying to move a bottle without touching it. 

The last time Shah Rukh and Salman shared screen space was 10 years ago in Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om (2007). Fans had been waiting with bated breath to see the two back together on the big screen, ever since the news of Shah Rukh's cameo in the film was announced.

Going by the Urdu subtitles that appear on the screen in the clip, the footage seems to have been recorded in a theatre in West Asia. The video has now been deleted from Youtube.

Earlier this year, the scene from Baahubali: The Conclusion in which Katappa kills Baahubali was also leaked online.