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Jagga Jasoos song 'Jhumritalaiyya': Ranbir, Katrina hide modesty in jute baskets

Jhumritalaiyya and Timbuktu, lyricist Neelesh Misra has used the two popular places in a soothing and joyful pop track.

Mayur Lookhar

How often do places like Jhumritalaiyya and Timbuktu feature in fun-filled conversations? Not many may know where these places are (Jhumritalaiyya is in Jharkhand while Timbuktu is in northwest Africa in Mali), but they are often used in banter. Lyricist Neelesh Misra also uses these two 'popular' places in the latest song to be released from Jagga Jasoos.

Misra has penned simple and innocent lyrics for the song titled 'Jhumritalaiyya':

‘Mera gaon Jhumritalaiyya hai,
Tera gaon shayad Timbuktu,
Jinko milna hota milte hain
Chahe phir ho jaye udan choo'

The origins of two people may be poles apart, but if they are destined to meet, nothing can stop them. This is what the song seems to suggest.

The things we see in the video bring out the children in Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s characters.

Arijit Singh is joined by Mohan Kannan. Singh sings the intro, modulating his voice to suit the mood of the song. The soft, soothing touch gives way to a pop feel and that there is where Mohan Kannan comes into play with the antara. Mohan, who stands out for his distinct voice, has perhaps got the better part of the lyrics. Singh takes over again towards the latter half of the song, closing it nicely. You can’t help but wait for the extended version.

Mishra and the singers have done their job, but the credit for the track must go to composer Pritam. He has scored a delightful soft pop track.

Finally, this is a song video that needs to be viewed for the child-like antics of Kaif and Kapoor. From Kapoor being pasted on a huge dart board to the two (barely dressed) artistes tucked in jute baskets, Kapoor and Kaif’s innocent, deadpan expressions show how aloof their characters are to the world around them.

From the trailer to the tracks, Jagga Jasoos has scored all the right notes so far. The 'Jhumritalaiyya' track is another addition to it.

Watch it here:

The film is set to be released on 14 July. Meanwhile, try your hand at predicting how the film will do at the box-office here.