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Tubelight video: Here's why Matin Rey Tangu is the star of Salman Khan's film

The latest video captures the mischief, innocence, and the absolute package of fun that Tubelight's little star is.

Shriram Iyengar

The latest video from the makers of Tubelight, titled 'Tubelight ka dost', is all about the little star of the film, Matin Rey Tangu.

Tangu, a kid from Arunachal Pradesh, plays the young Chinese refugee who helps Salman Khan's Tubelight find his inner hero. While the kid has already made an impact with his public appearances, this video truly captures his irrepressible spirit.

"Woh ajooba hai," says Salman, describing his little co-star. True to the description, Tangu goes through the whole gamut of operations ranging from mischief to silliness and some very intelligent remarks. While Kabir Khan is all seriousness during the making, it is little Matin's points that really stand out. 'You will know if someone makes you shoot in this weather...wearing a sweater,' he tells the director at one point.

Director Kabir Khan describes the little dynamo as 'If you let him loose in a room, he will naturally become the centre of attraction.' While little Matin has his moments, it is his bond with the star, Salman, that really makes for the cuteness.

Salman looks quite taken by his little friend as he speaks about him. "I've never seen any kid with this kind of sensibility, this humour, understanding," he says before adding, "I love him."

That is for everyone to see in the film's trailer.

Tubelight is directed by Kabir, and produced by Salman Khan Films. The film will be released tomorrow (25 June).