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Kalki Koechlin turns lyricist again with brilliant ode to the 'noise' in life

On the ocassion of World Music Day, the actress turned lyricist again with her new poem, Noise.

Shriram Iyengar

Kalki Koechlin is celebrating World Music Day in her own way. The actress has turned lyricist with a new video of her poem, Noise. The video, featuring Koechlin reciting the poem, speaks about the growing noise of routine things all around that are beginning to drown out silence in life.

The video marks the actress's second collaboration with Akansha Seda, who had directed her previous poem/video, The Printing Machine. A poet and a writer, Koechlin has often participated in poetry competitions and open mic events across the country.

Noise features the actress embarking on a stream of consciousness narration of events, things, peoples and sounds (from religious to notifications) that crowd out any possibility of peace and silence. The poem mixes rhythm and rap with an alliterative ease proving Kalki's strength as a poet. Her comparisons of the obsession people show with her 'ugly' self and the metaphor of 'Eid Biryani' for gossipmongers is quite powerful.

From the bustling images of morning life in Mumbai to the growing obsession of news and gossip, and the incessant trolling noise of social media, the actress quite commendably mixes up an inventive cocktail of images, and sounds, in her poem. Visually compelling, the video's fast pace aids the whole narration making it very difficult to skip.

Koechlin had previously participated with the same platform to create the poem, The Printing Machine. Incidentally, The Printing Machine was also a poem that dealt with the growing tendency of the media to sensationalise lives.

At the launch of the song, the actress had revealed that the song was initially written for a poetry competition in Bengaluru.