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Lapachhapi trailer: Watch Pooja Sawant get spooked in the Marathi horror film

The Vishal Furia directed film promises to be an interesting horror film. 

Keyur Seta

Although Marathi cinema has tried different subjects in the new millenium, horror is one genre that hasn’t fascinated its filmmakers. Kishor Belekar’s Sa Sasucha (2010), Amol Padave’s Goa 350KM (2015) and Pushkar Manohar’s Kanika (2017) are the recent names that come to mind. 

Though Zapatlela (1993) and Zapatlela 2 (2013) dealt with a ghost, they were horror comedies. 

With Vishal Furia’s Lapachhapi, Marathi cinema will have a full-fledged film in the horror genre. After a few interesting posters, the makers have just released the teasers. 

After going through the clip, the film looks like a new-age horror flick. The teaser features Pooja Sawant, who plays the lead. She is seen holding an old tape recorder, which is like a another character. The recorder plays a sweet song sung in a female voice. But the voice slowly starts cracking and it leads to some scary, horrific sounds. 

With such impressive sound and effects, much can be expected from Lapachhapi as a spooky horror film. 

Also starring Usha Naik, Vikram Gaikwad and Anil Gawas, the film is all set to be released on 14 July. 

Watch the teaser: