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Shab song: Romantic number 'Aawari' falls flat on most counts

Ordinary lyrics, average singing, and the romantic melodrama make the song a big bore.

Mayur Lookhar

Song and dance sequences are still very much a part of Bollywood films, but audiences no longer warm up to cliched romantic numbers that are accompanied by melodrama.

Fine lyrics can still make a song good to hear, but if the visuals are archaic then it takes away from the sheen of the track. Now if the lyrics and music are average, it makes it an easier decision to stay away from the song. That’s precisely what hurts the 'Aawari' track from the Raveena Tandon-starrer Shab.

The makers unveiled the song, and unfortunately, it falls flat on most counts. The song is crooned and composed by Mithoon. While Mithoon's music is soothing, the average lyrics by Amitabh S Verma, drag the track down. Mithoon, too, doesn’t inspire great confidence as a singer.

Even the visuals aren't great. Ashish Bisht and Aprita Chatterjee’s melodrama doesn’t really warm your heart.

The song is a simple story — a boy meets girl, they fall in love, probably married, and then head off to exotic locales. The characters seem to on their honeymoon. Bisht can't be judged as an actor in the song, but the débutante seems out of sorts while enacting romantic numbers. Chatterjee is a well-known name in Bengali cinema. She looks appealing in her pixie cut, and is the only saving grave for an otherwise dull track.

Shab will hit the theatres on 30 June.