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Saif Ali Khan was disheartened by chopped scenes in Rangoon

The actor believes Vishal Bhardwaj's film was a little too clever for the masses.

A scene from Rangoon

Our Correspondent

The first time he worked with Vishal Bhardwaj, Saif Ali Khan went on to bag a National award for Best Actor. That was for Omkara (2006). Similar things were expected from Rangoon (2017), but the film did not do well.

Panned by both critics and audiences, Rangoon simply failed to take off. Kangana Ranaut termed the failure heartbreaking, and now Khan has spoken briefly about what went wrong with the film.

Speaking to DNA newspaper, Khan said, “Although I shouldn’t say this because no filmmaker does this deliberately and all decisions are taken for the betterment of the film, a couple of great scenes of mine never made it to the film. That was disheartening, but I got some good reviews, so it was not all bad. My mother called and said she liked my role.”

Khan suggested the film perhaps wasn't meant for the masses. “We tried to make a film that was about the Indian National Army and had Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose etc. It was a bit esoteric, and I heard one guy in the theatre said, 'Arre, yeh Chinese kahan se aa gaye?' (laughs). Maybe we made a film that went over people’s heads. It was too clever for the audiences.”

Khan is likely to be seen next in Chef, which is to be released on 6 October.