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A 'humble' Katrina Kaif shows off her dance moves alongside Ranbir Kapoor

The actress put up a video of the two artistes rehearsing for the Jagga Jasoos song, 'Ullu Ke Patthe', on her Instagram page.

Shriram Iyengar

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor's dance moves are already making waves. The lead pair of Jagga Jasoos looked to be in fine form in the song 'Ullu Ke Patthe', pulling off some spectacular moves. Except that it began a mock war about who is the better dancer. Kaif's recent video on her Instagram page is another attempt by the actress to prove she is the better dancer.

The video shows both artistes rehearsing for the song with some seriously difficult contortions. While the dance looks all leg-twisting and tangled up, Kaif and Kapoor are both stone-faced and show quite the 'swag'.

As the one-minute-long sequence ends, Kapoor, ever the showman, walks off looking into the camera. However, Kaif shows no such pride in pulling off the complex moves. No wonder Kaif wrote in the post 'The competition is on. Take your pick. Note the humility of the person on the left and the triumphant expression of the person on the right .... 😅'

This is not the first time Kaif has taken a dig at Kapoor's dancing skills. In a recent video on the making of the song, she went on about how she had to 'sacrifice' showing off her skills to help Kapoor keep up. 'Sometimes you have to sacrifice so that the other person can come out and gain his confidence. It brings the song on the same level. I think I am generous to do that,' she said.

Not one to pipe down, Kapoor had the last word when he stole the show with the song 'Galti Se Mistake'. He even put out a video, rubbing it in Kaif's face.

Now that Kaif has put up another video, it looks like there is a new chapter to be added to the battle.

Jagga Jasoos is directed by Anurag Basu and is set for theatrical release on 14 July.