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Diandra Soares takes a dig at Katrina Kaif for trying to look 'ageless'

In a Facebook post, Soares hit out against the need among 'older women' to appear young in public.

Shriram Iyengar

While Katrina Kaif's turn as a tween in Anurag Basu's upcoming Jagga Jasoos trailer has left women around the country wondering how she manages to pull off that look, there are a few who are questioning it. Model Diandra Soares raised the same question in her Facebook post.

With Kaif's image from her recent appearance at the launch of Jagga Jasoos song 'Galti Se Mistake' posted alongside, Soares wrote, 'Why ? Why ? Why ? Is everybody obsessed these days with this shit storm of being Ageless n this perfection idea of beauty ?!?' (sic)

The former model went on to add that it is important for women to 'be proud' of their life experiences, and natural beauty. Soares also wrote, "there is no other like you... we are all so unique .... Let's feed our body n mind with love not with this bullshit ideas of beauty fed to us by magazines , people and social media... everybody is fighting a very natural process n messing with nature .... looking so damn strange in the process. Messing a perfectly beautiful face n or body!" (sic)

While this might seem like commendable advice, the post does raise questions if Kaif has had any cosmetic surgery. Soares's statement of 'messing a perfectly beautiful face n or body' lends weight to that question.

Soares maintained that the sight of the Jagga Jasoos actress in a recent interview led her to put up the post. Soares went on to say that 'women are doing this all over the world. And even younger women are into it...'

Kaif, who turns 34 on 16 July, might not take to Soares's comments well. But the model was quick to point out that it was not a 'hate post' for Kaif.

The model signed off with 'PS ; I AM 37 GOING ON 38 AND SO DAMN HAPPY& PROUD ABOUT IT !!!!
Be flawsomely AWESOME 😍😘'

This might raise some serious walls in the so-called friendship between the former models.