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'Naach Meri Jaan' song: Salman, Sohail celebrate bromance in Tubelight track

Though not poetry, Amitabh Bhattacharya’s catchy lyrics and Pritam’s peppy music make this number hard to miss.

Mayur Lookhar

The Tubelight trailer and the earlier 'Radio' song should be enough to suggest that there will be a bromance between Laxman (Salman Khan) and Bharat (Sohail Khan).

The brothers share a great bonhomie in real life, but the celluloid bromance often has a touch a melodrama to it. That’s exactly what you see in the 'Naach Meri Jaan' track from Tubelight that was launched today.

It’s difficult for Salman (51) and Sohail (47) to hide their ages that perhaps make their celluloid bromance a bit hard to digest.

Salman is known for dancing without a care in the world. That is perhaps what clicks with his legion of fans. So we get to see unconventional, indescribable dance moves. Salman is at his usual best, but poor Sohail appears to be stiff while trying to match the energy of big brother Salman.   

The visuals are enough to draw fans to this song. You wonder if the game of cricket was so popular in 1962 that we see Laxman and Bharat play it.

The lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya are no poetry, but he has penned a simple and innocent track that celebrates Laxman and Bharat’s bromance. 'Naach meri jaan hoke magan tu, chod ke saare, kintu parantu' roughly translates to leave all the inhibitions behind and dance with gay abandon. The rhyming words synch aptly with the visuals and Pritam’s foot-tapping music.

The song is a collaborative effort by four singers — Kamaal Khan, Nakash Aziz, Dev Negi and Tushar Joshi. Kamaal and Aziz are credited as the principal singers and so they deserve much of the credit for this song. The additional vocals by Negi and Joshi are not to be ignored.

Watch the song for its innocence and peppy music. Tubelight is to be released on 23 June.