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Govinda says he did Jagga Jasoos because Ranbir Kapoor is his senior's son

The actor took to Twitter to vent out his frustration about his cameo being dropped from director Anurag Basu's film.

Mayur Lookhar

The controversy over Govinda's appearance in Jagga Jasoos simply refuses to die. Two days ago, Govinda stated that he was happy that Anurag Basu had clarified that his role had been dropped from the film. But now the seasoned actor has vented out his frustration at the makers in a series of tweets.  

Govinda pointed out that he only agreed to do the cameo as respect for his senior Rishi Kapoor whose son, Ranbir, stars in the film. The actor claimed that he had travelled to South Africa despite being sick and on drips. In the final tweet, the actor said that he’s done his job, but if the director wasn’t happy then it’s completely his call. 





With the fifth tweet, Govinda perhaps hinted at feeling a sense of closure to the matter. While Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor may forget this episode, there’s no denying that it hasn’t been great PR for the much delayed film. 

Few weeks back, an image of Govinda shooting for Jagga Jasoos had appeared in the media leaving one to wonder why director Basu decided to chop off Govinda's role. There were rumours that Basu had dropped the actor from the film because of his alleged unprofessional behaviour.

“I've shot a couple of days with him in the first schedule. Then there were changes in the story and other things. But Govinda isn't in the film, his part isn't there. It was very kind of him to agree when I requested him for the guest appearance. But it's our loss that he isn't there,” Basu had said in an interview to the entertainment portal, Pinkvilla.”

Govinda seemed to have made peace when he spoke to, as he thanked Basu for finally talking about his chopped off cameo after three long years. But the latest tweets suggest that it might take some more time for Govinda to get over this issue.

Jagga Jasoos is set to be released on 14 July. Govinda has had a tough run lately as he struggled to get his film Aa Gaya Hero (2017) released. The star of the 90s was unable to find a distributor for the longest time. The film did get a release on 16 March this year, but fared badly at the box office.

Govinda had also made news for hitting out against former good friend David Dhawan, accusing him of betraying him after Dhawan went on to cast Rishi Kapoor in Chasme Baddoor.