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Watch: Anurag Basu shows the crazy ‘Galti Se Mistake’ dance steps to Ranbir Kapoor

The director also said that they hadn't planned the song this way.

Keyur Seta

The crazy dance moves in the ‘Galti Se Mistake’ song from the forthcoming Jagga Jasoos were choreographed by Vijay Ganguly. But director Anurag Basu, too, had a role to play in their creation, if one sees the making of the song, which has just been released.

One can see Basu passionately explaining the wacky dance steps by doing them himself. It is said that good directors are often good actors themselves, as they need to explain to the artistes what they want. In addition, Basu seems to be a good dancer as well.

Having said that, Ganguly and his assistants, too, can be seen working hard to get the moves right. Ranbir Kapoor, like an obedient actor, is seen watching them keenly to pick up the steps. 

One of the striking qualities of the song is the performance of the large number of extras. Their appealing moves play a big role in creating the fun effect of the song. But it turns out that most of them aren't trained dancers. Basu mentions that most of them are actually first-timers. “We had the right kids. They are not experienced. This must be their first song. But all have contributed,” he says.

Basu also makes an appearance in the song disguised as a bearded old man. 

Jagga Jasoos is a rare musical in Hindi cinema where the film itself is narrated in a lyrical manner. “Because it is a musical, every scene becomes a song and story. There was no intention of making it a big song the way it has become. It just happened,” says Basu. 

Also starring Katrina Kaif, the film will be released on 14 July. You can predict the film's fate at the box office here. And yes, you can also watch the making of the song here: