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Ban my film, but also ban books, documentaries on Emergency, says Madhur Bhandarkar

The Indu Sarkar director hit back at his detractors who want to censor his film, Indu Sarkar.

Mayur Lookhar

Madhur Bhandarkar's Indu Sarkar, which is set in the Emergency period (1975-77), has been accused by the Congress of being a sponsored film. In an interview with Cinestaan.com earlier, Bhandarkar had slammed Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia for his comments. Bhandarkar is not affected by the jibe.

The filmmaker and his lead actress Kirti Kulhari were at a radio station to promote their film. While so far no Congress leader has filed an official complaint against Indu Sarkar, the fear of a smooth release lurks. Bhandarkar, though, isn’t perturbed by it, and he’s not afraid even if his film is banned.

“There are many who have written books on the Emergency. There have been documentaries on it. Doordarshan (national) broadcaster ran a five-episode documentary. Some have reconstructed the chapter to make documentaries. This happened on the 40th anniversary of the emergency in 2015. I have a problem that when people write books, or make documentaries no one questions them, but there's a problem when a film on such a subject, it is said to be sponsored. You can ban my film, but will you ban those books? Will you ban those documentaries from Youtube? My film has 30% reality, they (books/documentaries) are 100% reality. You cannot eradicate the Emergency from history,” Bhandarkar told Radio Mirchi.

On a lighter note, the RJ and actress Kulhari joked about the director excelling in academics.

“When history class commenced, he (Bhandarkar) left school,” joked Kulhari. 

“Thank you Kirti, for reminding me that I’m a sixth standard failure. I have always been candid enough to admit that I didn’t go to school. However, I’ve always brushed up on my history. I’m an avid reader of books. I did my research on this film too,” replied Bhandarkar.

Watch Bhandarkar talk about history and the criticism against his film below. Indu Sarkar is scheduled to be released on 28 July.