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Akshay struggles to get married in ‘Bakheda’ song from Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

The actor marries a buffalo in order to find a match. 

Keyur Seta

The trailer of Shree Narayan Singh's Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, which was released recently, mentions that Akshay Kumar’s character is maanglik (astrologically not suitable for marriage). Being maanglik is believed to make it difficult for someone to get married.

The struggle of Akshay’s character in finding a spouse is highlighted in the song ‘Bakheda,’ which has been just released. To get rid of the condition, astrologers suggest unusual to weird rituals. So, we see Akshay’s character marrying a buffalo in a traditional ceremony. He is later seen lying prostrate, praying for a bride and moving forward in the same position.

The song later shows that Akshay finally finds a girl in the form of Bhumi Pednekar’s character. Looks like the painful rituals Akshay's character is put through finally pay off. But those who have seen the promo would know that this is not the case. Pednekar’s character refuses to stay with him since there is no toilet in his home. 

Divyendu Sharma, who plays Akshay’s younger brother, gets more footage in this song.

‘Bakheda’ is not a song that you would start humming straightaway. It’s a situational track which shows the protagonist’s tragedy in a light-hearted manner, which is mostly because of Vickey Prasad’s tunes. Famous vocalists, Sukhwinder Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan give a touch of fun to the song.

Watch the song: