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Abhay Deol returns as time traveller in sci-fi film JL-50

The actor will be seen as a time travelling CBI officer in JL-50. He is currently shooting for the film in Kolkata.

Shriram Iyengar

Abhay Deol is set to play a time travelling CBI officer in his upcoming sci-fi film, JL-50. Directed by Canadian director, Shailendra Vyas, the film will see Deol play a detective travelling through time and space trying to solve a crime.

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Deol said, "JL-50 is set in this world and my character travels through space/time to solve a mystery that has a life-changing effect on him. There are no light sabers, no men in spandex with capes and no furry creatures. It’s actually about real life and an extraordinary event."

The film is being shot in Kolkata currently. In the report, Deol suggested that the title of the film is an inference to the number for a passenger aircraft, key to the crime.

Mentioning the growing influence of sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Star Wars as 'reference points', the actor also said, "Baahubali comes to mind when you talk of taking things a notch higher currently. From the classics, Mr India is a milestone in our cinema. I’m not aiming for a benchmark, I just hope the filmmakers have good VFX for the parts that require them."

The film will have no romantic angle. Piyush Mishra and Pankaj Kapur will be seen in the lead roles.

Abhay Deol was last seen in Anand L Rai's comedy, Happy Bhag Jaayegi (2016).