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Life Fu*k$: Kabir Sadanand’s short is black comedy about life

The film, which co-stars Sandeepa Dhar, deals with the recent trend of suicide on camera.

Keyur Seta

Recent cases of suicides on live social media feed have shocked netizens. Kabir Sadanand’s newly released short film Life Fu*k$ deals with a similar subject. But the movie presents a darkly humorous take on the idea while presenting a shocking climax.

The film tells the story of filmmaker Karan (Sadanand) and his girlfriend Kia (Sandeepa Dhar) who live together. Their relationship is deteriorating as Karan’s career is going downhill. His idea of experimenting to make his ‘masterpiece’ proves to be his mistake. 

The filmmaker’s self-destructive lifestyle with various addictions only makes matters worse. Having had enough, Kia leaves. With his career and personal life heading south, Karan decides to commit suicide. He has a few options. Which will he choose? 

Sadanand shows the right approach in terms of the writing and presentation while executing a dark, edgy film. The protagonist’s attempts to end his life and the outcomes are amusing. The story ends well with the somewhat predictable twist in the climax.

The negative aspects are the toilet sounds, which should have been limited. Also, the 'F' word in the dialogues is overdone. 

Sadanand and Dhar fit their respective characters and give decent performances. Watch the film here: