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Govinda on Jagga Jasoos: Professionalism is expected, I had no clue what they were up to

After Rishi Kapoor, Govinda has lashed out at Anurag Basu for chopping off his cameo in the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer. 

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Our Correspondent

Govinda was hurt after his character was chopped off from Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos. He never spoke about it in detail though. However, now that Rishi Kapoor has not only spoken against Basu, but also slammed him for the film’s failure and his ‘unprofessional’ behaviour, Govinda has opened his heart out about his ouster. 

Speaking to a publication, the actor thanked Rishi Kapoor, “I want to say, thank you Rishi sir. At last you showed concern. Good blood never speaks wrong. Also, I truly feel that it's the director's call to do what he wants with his film, but a little professionalism is expected. I had no clue what they were up to. They were busy with their own things and I wasn't even informed about it.”

However, despite the severe disappointment, Govinda would still be okay working with Basu. “If Anurag offers me a film again, I might still do it as we all are professionals. But this was petty and I no longer get affected by all this as I have seen this kind of behaviour for a while now. I don't want to wallow in self-pity, but when you are going through a rough patch, you tend to get used to this,” he added.

Govinda had earlier said that he did the cameo only because of his respect towards the Kapoor family. He clarified that in the future he will do cameos only for Kapoor and Salman Khan’s family. “Not that I don't think the others are less important, it's just that these families are special for me and I hold them in high regard,” he clarified. 

While speaking about the issue, Govinda also highlighted on his loneliness. “My bungalow is close to Shetty saab’s (producer Manmohan) in Juhu. So many filmi parties happen there, but no celeb even bothers to say hello to me. Log mujhe dekh kar avoid karte hain. Har kisi ka time hota hai (People avoid me. Everyone has his or her time) I am content with the fact that the public still likes me and mobs me wherever I go. That is what I have earned over the years,” he said. 

Coming back to the Kapoor family, Govinda got nostalgic thinking about Raj Kapoor’s heartfelt gesture. “I can never forget the time when he invited me and my mother to one of his parties and touched my mother’s feet when we entered. He treated us with so much love and respect. He was indifferent to my social status. I lived in a Virar chawl and at that time, I was nobody. I don't look at individuals when I see the Kapoor family,” he reminisced.