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Furious Dhanush walks out of TV interview over personal questions

The actor was livid after being questioned about the recent 'Suchi-leaks' controversy on a television interview.

Manigandan KR

Actor Dhanush, who was recently in Hyderabad, to promote his upcoming film Vellai Illa Pattadhari 2, walked out half-way through an interview to a television channel, after being asked some questions he perceived to be either irrelevant or pertaining to his personal life.

The actor was first asked to comment on the drug scandal that has been rocking the Telugu film industry. However, Dhanush replied that he was not in town for the last two months and that he was not aware of what was happening. He said, "Everybody is asking me about this issue, but I don't know what's happening. So, I'll have to first figure out what's happening and only then comment about it."

The anchor then explained that the issue was about Tollywood actors being involved in the drugs racket and asked him what his take was on the issue of any industry people being involved in such cases. Dhanush replied, "I really don't know. I cannot comment on something  because it might offend a lot of people. Without knowing what actually is happening, I cannot comment. So, let's get to the film. Again, my world is cinema and I only know about that. So, let's talk about the film."

The actor refused to comment on the issue saying that his general knowledge was zero, and that the only little knowledge he had was on cinema. The anchor then pointed out that he himself had fallen prey to another controversy (the Suchi Leaks controversy) and asked him for his comment on this issue.

The Suchi Leaks controversy erupted in March 2016 when intimate pictures of several actors from the Tamil film industry were leaked onto Twitter by actor-singer Suchitra. However, the actors involved, including Dhanush, slammed the images and video of being doctored.

A surprised Dhanush was too stunned to react, but the anchor went on to ask about the 'mental agony' the actor had undergone as a result of the Suchi Leaks controversy.

Dhanush shot back, "Who said I went through mental agony?" Not willing to relent, the anchor responded saying, "That is what I want to know from you," she said and asked, "Was it that simple?"

An annoyed Dhanush said, "I thought we were here to talk about films. See, my personal life is mine. So, I am not answerable about my personal life at all. What you do in your personal life is not my concern."

The anchor persisted saying, "But it has become public. There were so many allegations." Dhanush responded, "Allegations?" She went on to point out that there were many rumours and he responded asking if whether there was a video.

The anchor then, citing media reports, said that his family life was at stake. Dhanush, who was livid with rage by now, repeated the question, "My family life is at stake? Do you know that? This is a very stupid interview."

Having said that, he walked out of the interview after removing the mike that was pinned on to his shirt. The actor's decision to walk out of the interview has triggered  a lot of excitement in the film industry.