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Mohit Marwah: Anil Kapoor is an inspiration, but I’m trying to make my own identity

In an exclusive chat with, the actor talks about creating his own space with his next film Raag Desh, irrespective of his industry connections.

Suparna Thombare

Actor Mohit Marwah does not like to flaunt it, but he has a strong connection to the film industry. Marwah is Anil Kapoor's nephew. It hasn't been an easy journey for the actor though. 

Marwah recieved positive reviews for his acting debut, alongside Jimmy Shergill and Kiara Advani, in Fugly (2014), but owing to the film's dull performance at the box office, it went largely unnoticed. The young actor then found it difficult to land a good second project. 

Now, after almost three years, Marwah will be seen in Tigmanush Dhulia's Raag Desh. While speaking about his forthcoming release, Marwah said that it was expectedly his uncle Anil's amazing performances that triggered the acting bug in him, just like it did for his cousins (Sonam and Arjun Kapoor), who are working as actors in the film industry.

"I was really enamored by him. It must have triggered something in me... looking at him. The whole phase when you are growing up and watching his films definitely played a part in me becoming an actor. Not just me but also Arjun, Harsh... to take up this profession. Especially, since he was so good at it. He has always been an inspiration," he said.

But Marwah has focused on creating his own name and identity in the competitive industry: "He (Anil) plays army officer and he nails it, he does comedy and he nails it. I loved him in 1942 A Love Story, since I am in that mindset right now. Such outstanding films and performances! Now, I'm trying to make my own identity with this film and my director feels I have done a good job. So I hope so." 

The actor doesn't really discuss his career with his uncle and cousins, even though they often talk about their on-set experiences. "If you experience something on set and it is entertaining enough then you narrate it (to the family). Say if I am sitting with Arjun, I’ll narrate it to him or if he had some incident or some funny story with Anil mamu on the sets of Mubarakan he’ll narrate it to me. But there is no discussion as such because we are very individualistic people so we take our own decisions and our own calls," he added.

Marwah also says that he never offers any criticism to Anil on any of his works, and he has a good reason for that. "I talk to him about more about the looks (laughs). The criticism part his children are already doing for him. I talk to him about the things I like and he likes that," he said with a laugh.

Raag Desh will be released on 28 July. 

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