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Industry not promoting star kids over outside talent: Shatrughan Sinha

The veteran actor said that things like nepotism are only for the sake of discussion and believes it is talent that makes a star, and not their relations.  

Mayur Lookhar

The nepotism debate just refuses to die. It will keep cropping every time a star kid makes his/her Bollywood debut.  Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha was asked about his views on the raging issue. Sinha though downplayed the debate saying that topics like nepotism are only for the sake of discussion. 

“These (nepotism) things are only for the sake of discussion. This used to happen earlier, it happens now also, and will continue happening in the future as well. I feel the audience will decide who is going to sustain in the industry,” Sinha told reporters.

The actor was present at the 10th convocation ceremony of Whistling Woods International Film School, along with veteran director Shyam Benegal, institute's founder Subhash Ghai and his daughter Megha Ghai Puri.

Sinha didn’t buy the theory that nepotism was robbing was robbing outsiders of their share.

“There are many star sons and daughters who have done really well while some of them haven't. So I feel it is not bad because if star kids have the required talent and aptitude, then we have no right to stop them. It doesn't mean that we are promoting them over talent outside the industry. It all boils down to talent, passion, result of their films and acceptance from the audience” added the veteran.

Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi Sinha has had a lean run over the last few years. When asked what he makes of his daughter’s career so far Sinha, replied, “I feel in showbiz, art and culture, just like politics, there are no last moments. You can't grow as an artist if you don't have the passion for improvement in the long run. I am happy with Sonakshi's career. God has been very kind to her. But I want her to push the limits and do well in future also.” 

Age and health has slowed him down but Sinha is open to any suitable role. “I have done cinema, television, politics and theatre as well. If anything interesting project comes along which suits my stature, image and age then I will definitely do it,’ quipped Sinha. 

The actor was last seen in the film Do Chehre in 2015.