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Accused of tweeting against Shruti Haasan, actress Khushboo decides to 'stay off Twitter'

The actress' announcement comes after rumours emerged of her taking a shot at Shruthi Haasan's for exiting her husband's film, Sanghamitra.

Manigandan KR

Actress Khushboo Sundar has decided to go off Twitter for 'sometime' amid reports of her taking a jib at Shruti Haason on the social media platform. The media had accused her of making a veiled potshot at the young actress for her claims of opting out of the Sanghamitra project. Haasan stated getting an incomplete script and shooting schedules not being fixed, as reasons for her departure from the film.

Haasan is said to have signed up to play the lead in Sanghamitra, to be directed by Khushboo's husband Sundar C. However, a difference of opinion cropped up between the film's team and Haasan. This led to the production house announcing that Shruthi had been replaced, while the actress announced that she had walked out of the project.

Kushboo is reported to have tweeted saying that in a film like Sanghamitra, around 70 per cent of the work happens in the pre-production stage. Only 30 per cent work gets done while shooting. She is also believed to have raised a question on why one should blame others for one's own mistakes. The tweet, however, was later deleted.

After the media linked her tweet to Haasan, the veteran actress posted a new series of tweets announcing her break from Twitter, "Ok friends..Have decided to go off Twitter for sometime. Want to do start reading again. This platform is like addiction. Promise to come back soon.'

The actress went on to tweet, 'Thank you very much for so much love, respect and care. Your support has been my biggest strength. Hope you will continue to do so even if I am not here.'

In her final tweet, the actress requested her friends to use Twitter to 'build the nation and not to divide'.