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Director assures Haseena Parkar does not glorify Dawood's sister

During its launch, Apoorva Lakhia was questioned for the victimization of Parkar's character in the trailer.

Keyur Seta

Over the last few years, mainstream Hindi cinema has been accused of glorifying gangsters in underworld movies. One gets the same feeling after watching the trailer of Apoorva Lakhia’s Haseena Parkar. The film is a biopic on late Haseena Parkar, a dreaded gangster and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s sister, famously known as the 'Queen of Mumbai'.

Immediately after the launch of the trailer, director Apporva Lakhia was told that the trailer portrays Parkar more as a victim. He, obviously, wasn’t impressed as he said, “You have seen the trailer. Did you feel I have glorified anyone in the film? What happens is that when you are making a film on someone whose family exists, it is very important that you stick to the maximum research you can do as a filmmaker.”

Lakhia assured that he has explored both sides of the law. “As a filmmaker, I would take both point of views. I have taken the views of police and also of her family and relatives. We have referred to the crime records from the police station. We went as far as 1979 and got all the FIRs. In the ending credits, you will see those FIRs, which will show the cases against her,” he said. 

Lakhia has claimed the film to be a balanced effort. “We have done as much research as possible and I along with my two writers, Suresh Nair and Chintan Gandhi, tried to make the script as balanced as possible. This is what we have done and at the same time, we have kept the commercial angle too,” he added. 

Haseena Parkar is all set to be released on 18 August.

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