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Haseena Parkar trailer: Is it sympathetic towards the 'queen' of Mumbai?

Dawood Ibrahim and his sister Haseena enjoyed a similar fiefdom in the Mumbai underworld. However, the trailer sympathizes with the latter and paints the former as a dark character.

Mayur Lookhar

The trailer of Shraddha Kapoor’s next film Haseena Parkar is out, and, as expected, opens up the debate on whether Hindi cinema glorifies criminals. The trailer, however, evokes mixed reactions with tacky, melodramatic visuals, making you fear that this might turn out to be another over-the-top biopic. 

Much of the first half of the two-minute trailer is laced with melodrama; loud and clichéd dialogues. The woman lawyer prosecuting Parkar in court mouths the most cliched dialgoues. In another scene, a police inspector is seen telling her, “Your crime is that you are the sister of Dawood Ibrahim”, India’s most wanted terrorist. Now, the dialogues may be expected, but the clichéd, hyperactive manner in which they are delivered is neither pleasing to the eye nor to the ear.

Shraddha Kapoor's brother Siddhant Kapoor looks anything but impressive as Dawood Ibrahim, a character that has been played out many a time in Hindi cinema before – Black Friday (2007),  Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai (2010), and D-Day (2013) being just a few examples. 

Shraddha Kapoor looks the part, but one wonders if she will be able to pull off the role. There is a swagger attached to the character and she appears to have worked hard to play the part. On the one hand, the dark side of Haseena Parkar seems to be a result of her victimization; on the other, Dawood seems to be a brutal, unapologetic criminal. Though both reigned over a similar fiefdom, the characters seem to have been dealt with in contrasting fashion in the film. While one is sympathized with, the other remains the darkest character of Mumbai's underworld.

Haseena Parkar was born in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, to a Konkani Muslim family. Her father, Ibrahim Kaskar, was a head constable in the Mumbai police and her mother, Amina Bi, was a housewife. Haseena Parkar rose in the crime world after her husband, Ismail Parkar, was murdered by Arun Gawli’s gang in 1992. Dawood Ibrahim’s men took revenge by killing his murderer, Shailesh Haldankar, in the infamous JJ Hospital shootout of September 1992, along with two police constables.

Haseena Parkar had 88 cases against her in court. However, she appeared in court only once. She died of cardiac arrest in July 2014.

Watch the trailer of Haseena Parkar below.

The film is scheduled to be released on 18 August. You can predict its box-office fate here.