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Nawazuddin’s deleted scene from Mom: Cop busts party, catches DK snooping

This amusing scene at the police station failed to make the final cut in Sridevi's latest release.

Mayur Lookhar

It is usually a challenge for a filmmaker to fit his work into two and a half hours, and the actor who doesn't have any tales of scenes getting chopped on the editing table is rarer than a unicorn.

Having struggled long and hard playing little cameos, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has today earned his stripes in cinema. Though he is today a very popular actor, he still has to contend with scenes that are edited out.

Siddiqui, who has been widely appreciated for his portrayal of Dayashankar Kapoor in Mom, had an amusing scene chopped out from the film. The actor did not complain, however, and the producers also decided not to deny Siddiqui's fans the pleasure of watching the scene and posted it on YouTube last week.

In this sequence, DK, as Siddiqui's character is known, is brought into the police station along with a host of boys and girls whose party was clearly busted by cops. Constable Lakhan is unaware who DK is and has an argument with him. DK’s threats are reminiscent of real scenes where influential figures throw their weight around, not afraid to quarrel with the police.

The senior inspector though is an acquaintance and cools DK down, all the time wondering what the private detective was doing at the party. DK explains that he was snooping on his client’s potential son-in-law.

Now, all those who have seen the film will remember that Siddiqui’s entry in the film is at the police station, where he is seen talking to the senior inspector before a worried Devki (Sridevi) jumps in to report about her missing daughter. Perhaps, this deleted scene preceded this sequence.

Enough said though. Watch the scene below: