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Ti Ani Itar trailer: Govind Nihalani’s Marathi debut looks promising

The film starring Sonali Kulkarni and Subodh Bhave appears to be an interesting thriller. 

Keyur Seta

After 37 years as a director, Govind Nihalani has made a Marathi film for the first time. Titled Ti Ani Itar, the film is set to be released on 21 July. It stars well-known names like Sonali Kulkarni and Subodh Bhave.

The trailer of Ti Ani Itar shows that the film is a thriller set in the house of the leading couple. The story takes place during a get-together when friends, played by Bhushan Pradhan and other actors, visit them. A serious incident suddenly takes place, which brings the couple's maid into focus. This eventually leads to the involvement of the police. Ganesh Yadav plays the cop.

The trailer gets you interested in the film and knowing what the mystery is all about. It starts off simply and goes gradually into thriller mode. The good thing is that, unlike a lot of trailers today, this one doesn’t reveal the plot. The only questionable aspect is the over-use of those TV serial-like effects.

The trailer provides a feeling of deja vu about Nihalani’s own Party (1984), which was based on Mahesh Elkunchwar’s play of the same name. That story also took place inside a house in one night during one bash. 

Watch the trailer: