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Tik Tik Tik poster: Jayam Ravi is lost in space in 'India's first space film'

Directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan, the film is being promoted as India's first space film.

Shriram Iyengar

Space, as the adage goes, is the final frontier. Indian cinema has certainly taken a liking to it. The latest poster of Shakti Soundar Rajan's Tamil film Tik Tik Tik is another drama that is set in space. Starrin Jayam Ravi, the first poster shows the actor clinging on to dear life as he tackles an explosion in space.

From the first look, it is a given that the film will be heavy on special effects. Speaking to IANS news agency, the director had said, "We have explored the space genre in a commercial set up. It’s very challenging to engage the audience when the story shifts to space as there are not too many elements to play with. Our film has no romance and even the songs have been shot as montages but we have elements we think will appeal to everybody."

The poster shows Ravi hanging on the edge of what is possibly a space craft, while an explosion rips through it. The poster, and the plot point, has some similarities with the Oscar nominated Gravity (2013) by Alfonso Cuaron. Cuaron's film also revolved around two astronauts trapped in space as their craft is destroyed in an accident.

The film is also one of many sci-fi films that Indian cinema is taking on. Apart from Shakti Soundar Rajan's film, there is Chandamama Door Ke starring Sushant Singh Rajput, as well as the anticipated biopic on Rakesh Sharma that are expected to arrive later this year. The direct competition arrives from another Hindi film, Mangal Ho, which is expected to release in September.

Apart from Ravi, Shakti Soundar Rajan's film also stars Nivetha Pethuraj, Ramesh Thilak, and Aaron Aziz.