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Kaccha Limbu trailer: Is this the boldest topic ever tried in Marathi cinema?

The Sonali Kulkarni and Ravi Jadhav-starrer deals with a theme that remains unexplored in cinema — the sexual needs of a mentally challenged adolescent.

Keyur Seta

From the trailer of Prasad Oak’s Kaccha Limbu, it seems the film might be dealing with one of the boldest themes ever tried in the Marathi cinema. The film stars Sonali Kulkarni, Ravi Jadhav (the Banjo director makes his acting debut), Sachin Khedekar and Manmeet Pem. 

The film is about a mentally challenged son, played by Pem. The title of the film itself explains the mental status of the child. Kaccha limbu is a term synonymous with a young, immature child. The film documents the struggles of the parents (Jadhav and Kulkarni) while raising and living with a mentally challenged child.

A middle-class couple is forced to separately work on day and night shifts as they can’t leave the child alone at home, this gives them no to spend with each other. So far, the story is an ordinary one and has been dealt with in many a films worldwide. What makes this film out-of-the-ordinary, though, is the child's exploration of his sexual needs as an adolescent.

The much-awaited trailer includes scenes suggesting self-pleasure and Pem forcefully trying to get physical with his mother. From the trailer, it seems that the scenes are maturely handled. The black and white template adds to the grave nature of the content at hand.

Now, one can just hope that our 'sanskari' Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) doesn’t play spoilsport by using its scissors. 

The only problem here is that the makers have revealed too much in the trailer. One would question the need of letting the audience know of the mercy killing angle in the film. 

Kaccha Limbu is senior actor Oak’s first attempt at direction. The film is all set to be released on 11 August. 

Watch the trailer: