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Molested Malayalam actress breaks silence on Dileep's arrest

Breaking her silence on the issue, the actress stated that no innocent person should be punished and none who has committed a crime should be allowed to escape.


The actress who was allegedly abducted and molested in February has broken her silence regarding the arrest of Malayalam superstar Dileep. Dileep was arrested on Monday (10 July), accused of conspiring against the actress. On Thursday, the actress said she was as shocked as anyone else by the turn of events and that she just wants the truth to come out fast.

"He (Dileep) says that he has been framed in the case. The need of the hour is that the truth should come out. If he is innocent, it should come out quickly and if not, even then the truth should come out fast. All are equal before law," she said. The actress added that she prefers making a statement rather than appear on television channels as she is not in the right frame of mind.

Actor Dileep, was sent to two days police custody on Tuesday by a lower court. His bail application is coming up on Friday.

The actress said that the two shared a cordial relationship but for some reason it got strained. "There are reports that I had real estate dealings with him (Dileep), but the truth is that there has been no such deals with him at all. I did not say this before, because such a thing was never heard and now that it's being said so I am clarifying it," added the actress.

She also clarified that she does not have a Facebook page or a Twitter handle and anything on these social networking platforms under her name would be false.

The actress was abducted on 17 February while travelling from Thrissur to Kochi by road in her car and allegedly sexually assaulted.