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Bigg Boss row: Kamal Haasan responds to demands for his arrest, says has faith in justice system

The actor, in a hurried press conference, said that he does not fear the nationalist party, Hindu Makkal Katchi.

Manigandan KR

Actor Kamal Haasan called for a press conference in Alwarpet to respond to allegations from the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) against television reality show Bigg Boss. The veteran actor hosts the Kannada version of the television show. On Wednesday, HMK demanded that the show be banned and the actor be arrested for disgracing the Tamil culture.

"They say I need to be arrested. I wouldn't like to mock my justice system by courting arrest in arrogance but I am very confident that my justice system will take care of it. I don't have to worry about these people who insist that I be arrested. I don't mind going in because for once, it will prove the strength of my justice system and its clarity," Haasan said.

Commenting on the accusation that Bigg Boss was hurting the Tamil culture, the actor said, "I don't want to become naughty and talk about various things that these people have been quiet on. I would not go into that. But these people have been watching this for the past 11 years. Bigg Boss has been on air for 11 years. Maybe they didn't react so far because they did not understand Hindi. That is another statement by itself. But it is there in Kannada. They don't [understand] Kannada as well. But they understand culture alone. They understand the culture that is unique to the nation but they need to understand the nation."

He further added that he cannot fear the HMK for what they prefer to like or dislike. "I don't wish to comment on them because I need them too. They were celebrating when I made Dasavatharam. Now, because I am heading in another direction, they don't like me. If I make Vishwaroopam, I won't be liked. But I can't be fearing them. I need all my fans. I am under the belief that these people too are my fans. Fans who want to see me imprisoned," he concluded.

HMK or the Hindu People's Party is a nationalist Hindu party founded in 1993. The party has often been in the news for its opinions against actresses like Kushboo Sundar, Shriya Saran and Mallika Sherawat for 'indecent' dressing.