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Now, CBFC wants ‘cow,’ ‘Gujarat,’ ‘Hindu’ bleeped out in Amartya Sen documentary

Filmmaker Suman Ghosh's documentary has run into an unusual censor trouble. 

A screenshot from The Argumentative Indian documentary

Our Correspondent

The Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) is in the news again. This time the CBFC's target is the Amartya Sen documentary, The Argumentative Indian, which has run into trouble as the board has suggested removal of words like ‘cow,’ ‘Gujarat,’ ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindutva.’ 

Directed by Suman Ghosh, the film about the Nobel prize winning Economist was screened at Kolkata’s regional CBFC office on Tuesday. After the screening, the CBFC members, that viewed the film, asked Ghosh to bleep out the aforementioned words. The film was supposed to release tomorrow (14 July) in Kolkata. The CBFC obstacle has now deferred the film's release.

The filmmaker, obviously, isn’t pleased by the decision. “It (CBFC) asked me to bleep out the word ‘Gujarat’ as Sen was speaking on the Gujarat riots in the documentary. Then it asked me to bleep out the word ‘cow’, which, in my opinion, was very funny. We were also asked to bleep out words like ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindutva.’ We objected to this,” said Ghosh. 

He added that he won’t abide by the cuts and is ready to fight for the film. “I will not bleep out a single word in the documentary. There is a process and we will follow the process. Let’s see what happens and how far I can go with this,” he said. 

As per reports, the CBFC examiner in Kolkata has informed its headquarters (headed by Pahlaj Nihalani) in Mumbai about their decision and added that the film might hurt sentiments of a particular community. The letter reportedly said that the “security of the state (Gujarat)” may be “jeopardised or endangered”, and the use of the phrase “Hindu India” might incite communal disharmony. 

Watch the trailer of The Argumentative Indian: