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CBFC even asked me to drop Kumar from Kishore Kumar, says Madhur Bhandarkar

The director has sent his film, Indu Sarkar, to the review committee, challenging CBFC's demand for 14 cuts.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

Madhur Bhandrkar's Indu Sarkar has been cornered for its subject ever since the trailer was released. Now, just two weeks before the film's release the Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) has asked to make 14 cuts in the movie. 

The director has been asked to cut dialogues that were a part of the CBFC approved trailer. While speaking to reporters, Bhandarkar expressed his discontent saying, “You can’t have different yardstick for the trailer and a different yardstick for the film. They asked us to drop words like Jai Prakash, PM, IB, and even Kishore Kumar. I asked them if I don’t use Kishore Kumar then what should I use, they suggested to keep it Kishore. Jai Prakash had led a movement against the emergency. There’s a man in the film saying Jai Prakash zindabad,  They want that to be cut too. It’s like tomorrow if I make a film on Dandi march, then will I not have the name Gandhi in it.”

Bhandarkar has sent his film to the review committee after the CBFC refused to certify it without the desired cuts. “If the review committee doesn’t clear my film then I will go to the tribunal in Delhi. If need be, I’ll even go the High Court,” said the director.

Before this, a woman claiming to be Sanjay Gandhi's daughter had accused the filmmaker of presenting misleading facts about Sanjay Gandhi. Bhandarkar has been trying to save the film by stating that even though the film is based on events during the Emergency, the plot focuses on the character of Indu Sarkar, played by Kirti Kulhari.

Indu Sarkar is slated to be released on 28 July.